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MTB 登山車



胎面的顆粒取決於您通常使用 MTB 應對的地形類型。 更小的顆粒意味著對岩石和石頭的抓地力較小,但能行駛的更平穩,輪胎壽命也更長。而較大的顆粒表面則適合顛簸或泥濘的地形。


您還應該記住 MTB 輪胎胎面的尺寸。 有兩個主要尺寸,以英寸表示:27.5 " 和 29 "。

Depending on the discipline you practise and what grip you want, you can choose from various MB tyre models based on their characteristics.


The knobs on the tread depend on the type of terrain you usually tackle with your MTB. Smaller knobs mean less grip on rocks and stones but also a smoother bike and a longer tyre life.


While a more pronounced knob is ideal for bumpy or muddy terrain.

You should also bear in mind the size of the tread on an MTB tyre. So it is important to know the diameter of the wheel on your mountain bike. There are two main dimensions,which are expressed in inches: 27.5" and 29"